For sale some white OEGB pairs and trios

These birds are from SQ Parents...

6 months old Birds, very good looking.

First come first serve.

Asking $80 for Pairs.

Feel free to ask any questions by text or call ...(I can answer Text faster ...I will return calls ASAP)



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May 16, 2017
Interested NEW
by: Monika

I live in northern CA. Do you have anything available at this time?

Jul 15, 2016
prices and shipping NEW
by: robby

hello how much are your cocks and will you ship please contact me at

Jul 15, 2016
prices and shipping NEW
by: robby

hello how much are your cocks and will you ship please contact me at

Jul 06, 2016
Beautiful NEW
by: Anonymous

Juanita your birds are beautiful. I just got my hands on some black ones, I am not sure how old they are. And I'm not sure about keeping them because I live in Palm Desert CA. Chickens are not allowed in the city. I might trade them or sell them.

Aug 10, 2014
Old English Silver Duck wing
by: Cindy

I have silver duck wing both pullets and roosters. About 4 months old

Jul 24, 2014
Cutting combs and wattles
by: scott

For everyone that's interested, I found out how to cut the combs and wattles and for what reasons, I live in Alaska and it will prevent frostbite,and I got some standard old English game white that I'll be showing at the fair and swaps and it's required to have that breed dubbed to enter the show. Basically, you just cut them off with a good pair surgical sheers or one guy used leather cutters. This doesn't hurt the bird, and if you live in a cold area your flock will be healthier in the long run!! Here in Alaska I'll be doing my hens too! I got plymouth barred rocks,road island reds,spangles,some exotics like silkie and some polish and some crosses,and of course my favorite, old English game!! I got my incubator going and I just got the frying pan special of 100 chicks! from mcmurry hatchery,and they're doing great!! I'll raise them for 12 weeks and sell them for the frying pan!! I'll get 10.00 to 13.00 a bird up here in Alaska!!
Thank you!! from scott at the;
I also sell animal feed here and I'll sell my fry-pan special chicks right now! I got 200 of them!!
10.00 a bird, they're all cockerels, by mid oct. They will still be 10.00 and will be ready for your fry-pan!! or if somebody want to buy a few and raise them yourself there 10.00 right now!! I'm feeding all organic feed!!!!!!! thanks again scott

Jul 23, 2014
cutting combs and wattles
by: Anonymous

how do I cut the comb and wattles??? do I just cut them off?? or?? and whatn do I put on it after??/ antibodic?? vasaline to stop bleeding???
if anybody knows the answer please email me at thank u scott

Jul 19, 2014
Do you have this type
by: Rafael

By any chance do you have any silver duckwing available? If so please email me at
Thank you

Jun 07, 2014
no more whites
by: breeder

i only have red pyle at this more white..

Jun 06, 2014
Searing for a Self Blue Old English Male
by: Kristin

I am looking for a self blue cockerel or rooster. My daughter would like to start a 4H breeding project and she has a little pullet self blue that we purchased from a breeder at the stockton poultry show. Thanks. my email is

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