FL - Polish hens, roosters for sale, blue, laced, black and white, and all black

by Gina
(Leesburg FL)

Have several pure black polish that are mixed from a white crested polish and a houdan. They are all black with five toes and beautiful full heads of feathers. Also have all black with 4 toes, not mixed, black and white spotted and laced. Only have a few all blues left. Price is $25 each, These are all hand raised, Please don't just throw them in a cage.

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Aug 14, 2017
all blacks NEW
by: Anonymous

looking for all blacks how much can you ship?

email my answer at


Aug 14, 2017
all blacks NEW
by: Anonymous

looking for all blacks, how much and can you ship?

Aug 03, 2017
Polish rooster NEW
by: Candace Pope

I am interested in a couple of Polish roosters. All of my chickens are free range in a very secure pasture. Please call me at 863-447-9140 if you have anything available. Thank you

Apr 07, 2017
Pollands NEW
by: Susan Latiolais

I am interested in some sliver laced pollards for my daughter to show would u have any

Mar 03, 2017
polish NEW
by: kevin

Hi do you have any polish hens for sale. my yard is fenced in acre and half and lock them up at night. Please let me know by email as soon as posible.. sexton4@zoominternet.net thanks kevin

Feb 17, 2017
Polish hen NEW
by: Melissa

Do you have any available? 772-215-2280.

Feb 16, 2017
Im looking for 2 Polish hens. NEW
by: Anonymous

Im looking for 2 Polish hens. Please let me know if you have any for sale. Thanks. gregorys1974@aol.com

Feb 12, 2017
I am looking for pullets in the 4-6 month range. NEW
by: Richard

Silkies And Polish frizzles.

Jan 21, 2017
Poultry NEW
by: Anonymous

I was wondering where you are located and if you have any polish hens available to purchase. Feel free to contact me at(407) 572-6367

Jan 06, 2017
Polish NEW
by: Sandy

Please do you still have polish chickens for sale. Ideal would be 1 rooster and 3 hens. Thanks

Dec 24, 2016
Want a laced or blue polish NEW
by: Colleen

Hello! I'm interested in getting my family a hand raised tame chicken! I absolutely love chickens and I'm interested in getting a polish that's either silver laced, or all blue or all black. I'm also interested in the bird that is pictured with the white head and grey body. Also wondering if you ship adult chickens because I live in Utah !

Dec 13, 2016
Bantams or Large Fowl Blue NEW
by: Laurie

Hi, I am down in highlands county and am looking for wc/blue hens, preferably bantam. Do you have any? Thank You

Dec 11, 2016
Want to purchase NEW
by: Linda

I'm looking for blues or back and white hens. I have a girlfriend who absolutely loves chickens and I want to surprise her with a polish chicken. Please let me know if you have any for sale. I live in Spring Hill FL. Thanks

Dec 03, 2016
White created black polish NEW
by: Amber

Do you have a white created black polish left? Either make or female. I had a 5 month old male I raised from a chick that had recently disappeared- I am heart broken. I think a dog got it while I was gone. Please let me know. I like in Oklahoma, do you ship?

Nov 30, 2016
Polish NEW
by: Jaye

What do you have left for sale of your Polish birds?

Nov 25, 2016
Birthday gift NEW
by: Mary Stanley

I'm looking for a few straight run buff or golden polish birds for my husbands birthday (12/15). Would like chicks but I would also consider started poults. I would prefer at least 2-3 roosters and at least as many hens. Mary 610.955.3595

Nov 23, 2016
Pure birds please NEW
by: Elena

Do you have any pure hens or pullets available still. Ty

Nov 12, 2016
None mixed NEW
by: Marla

I'll buy any of the none mixed ones please text me at 7863650456 if you're looking to sell them to me

Nov 10, 2016
7863441472 NEW
by: Albert

Ill buy any of the none mixed roosters

Oct 19, 2016
Polish rooster NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi I am looking for a polish rooster. Do you have any for sale please. 412-973-6093

Oct 18, 2016
Polish for sale NEW
by: Anonymous

Hello, I am inquiring to see if you have any Golden Laced Polish for sale, or eggs, or chicks. I live in Citrus County and would come to you. Please email me at swimkat0823@gmail.com or call 352-634-0016. My son shows them in the fair as a 4h member.

thank you,
Kathy vogel

Oct 18, 2016
Golden Laced Polish NEW
by: Anonymous

Hello, I am looking for Golden laced polish eggs, chickens or chicks for sale. My son shows them and our hen died and we are looking to extend our flock.

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