FL - White Cornish Chickens

by Jo-a-le

We have real white cornish chickens. These are beautiful large fowl cornish. No crosses, hybrids or bantams, they are the real deal. We currently have chicks and eggs available. Contact us through our facebook page.


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May 28, 2017
Facebook NEW
by: Jim

My wife just tried to 'friend' you on Facebook (RetaLou). We'll wait so we can get more info, like email or phone. Thanks, Jim.

May 28, 2017
FL - White Cornish NEW
by: Jo-a-le

As I stated in the ad, these are the real deal, not crosses or hybrids, or bred up from bantams. Roosters get to be 15-16 lbs at a year, but that is normal growth size, and not fed grower ration. I don't raise leghorns, and know nothing about the breed.

May 28, 2017
White Cornish NEW
by: Jim

Are these the Cornish that they cross with White Rocks for the Cornish X? Just how large are the Cornish which aren't crossed - ie How long does it take to grow these to market, and what is the usual market weight?
Our CornishX grew too fast, and we are afraid they will have the heart attacks, broken leg bones and all of the other problems that they are famous for. It's time to butcher, even tho they are free-ranged, and about 8 weeks old. From your pics they look much healthier than our crosses. I can't access too much of your pics (facebook won't allow non-member viewing, without a great big ad demanding that you sign up!) but what I could see was great.
Is there any way to tell the difference between the Cornish and Leghorns? (We ordered 3 leghorns and so far two of them are CornishX, and the other is a very aggressive white chicken with yellow legs but no where near as large as the CornishX!)

If they are the real thing without the Plymouth Rock cross, I will probably be contacting you soon.

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