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I am a fairly new SERAMA BREEDER in NC. I have aquired all of my birds from the best breeders across the US. Contact me to see what I have available.

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Aug 18, 2017
Serching for purebred seramas NEW
by: William holder

I have2 pure bred dreams roosters 1 frizzle & 1 plain & both are 6 months old and only weigh in at 12 ounces.but I can't find nobody with true blood Ariana's.& when I do I can't afford them but I,m willing to pay for already one or 2. Hens or pullets.

Jul 15, 2017
Want some seramas NEW
by: Betty Jo

I'm from SC and would like a rooster and one or to hens.

Jun 19, 2017
Serama eggs NEW
by: Teresa

I am in Georgia and would love to purchase Serama eggs for hatching

May 09, 2017
Please contact me via gmail or text NEW
by: Anonymous

I am having a hard time getting your requests for birds. Please contact my gmail directly, or by text (828)775-0602. I apologize if you contacted me earlier and didn't get a response.

May 09, 2017
Want come chickens NEW
by: Lee

I am from SC and interested in a pair also

Mar 06, 2017
Want to acquire Seramas NEW
by: Michael Graves

I live in Kernersville, NC and would love to acquire some male and female Seramas, if you could help me that would be awesome. My email is Many thanks

Feb 13, 2017
Looking for a hen or pullet. NEW
by: Craig

I'm new to NC and live in Flat Rock. I have a pair of Serama and am looking for an additional hen or two. Can you help me out?

Jan 28, 2017
Need hens NEW
by: Anonymous

I have two very nice Serama roosters and would like 2 very nice hens to go with them. I live in Burnsville

Dec 30, 2016
serama bill NEW
by: seramsAnonymous

I am also in n.c. and have plenty of seramas. would like to see what colors you have.

Dec 27, 2016
Looking for Seramas NEW
by: Sonia

Hi, I'm looking to add Hens or pullets to my Serema flock. I just really enjoy them as pets. Please contact me with any availability, e-mail or text. or text to 434-939-7660.

Thanks for your time,

Dec 12, 2016
Seramas NEW
by: Bryan

I am interested in buying a pair of Seramas, do you have any available?


Dec 12, 2016
Seramas NEW
by: Bryan

I am interested in buying a pair of Seramas, do you have any available?


Nov 17, 2016
Look for s pair to breed NEW
by: Joe Lindsey

I live in Asheville NC. I was wondering if you have a pair for sale. My email address is

Oct 25, 2016
Interested in purchasing hens NEW
by: Angela

I live near Burnsville and need to add additional hens to add my serama flock. Would really like to make contact with other local serama breeders.

Sep 04, 2016
Seramas NEW
by: Anonymous

Jack Swanson I am in Asheville, NC
Please contact my gmail address to let me know what you are looking for. Thanks

Sep 04, 2016
Seramas NEW
by: Jack Swanson

Hi I was wondering if you had any Seramas for sale? I live close to Atlanta. Where in NC are you located?

Jul 26, 2016
Available eggs/chicks NEW
by: Lisa B


I sent an email inquiring about any available hatching eggs or chicks.
Thank you
Lisa B in Mocksville NC

Jul 15, 2016
Leave contact info or contact me gmail NEW
by: Leisa

Please leave a contact number or email for me to respond to

Jul 15, 2016
i am interested in buying some Seramas please add me on face book or pm me or call me 276-935-5390 NEW
by: everett looney

please add me on facebook or pm me i want to buy some Seramas or call me 276-935-5390

Jun 29, 2016
Seramas NEW
by: Fernando

I am also interested in the price for a serama? Ido like to have one

Jun 23, 2016
Seramas available and price? NEW
by: Lisa

Hi I am in SC, wondering about Serama availability and price?

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