OH -Mille D' Uccle Hen

by Brian Harting
(St.Marys, Ohio, USA)

Golden and speckled with white and black, face has more white in it then black or gold but not by much. Once every 4 months I take her up to get a check up at the vet and take her to get groomed when needed.

She is a first place grade A bird in 90% of the shows I take her to. She's on a very strict diet to keep her in prime condition. She is about a year and a half old. She is very broody and is putting out an egg once a day to once every other day.

She is very good with people and other chickens but I won't let her interact with other birds unless they are healthy and have had a recent check up at the vet.

I've already turned down 380 for her. I need a better price considering all I've put into her.

She is a house pet and is paper trained (took about 3 weeks with holding her over newspaper and watching her body language that she uses before she relieved herself and clicked a clicker when she relieved herself and gave her a treat) Tip: if you potty train a chicken start them off a couple weeks before they start clucking. The picture is of her when she was young.


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Apr 24, 2015
she isn't show quality
by: Anonymous

She is a pretty bantam, but she doesn't have enough fluers to be show quality. I would like to know what shows also.

Jul 14, 2013
by: Anonymous

Specifically, what shows has she been entered in? And exactly what is a "Grade A" chicken. I've been showing birds for è0 years and have yet to hear of this.

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