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PSC Insiders Newsletter, June 2016 Issue
June 14, 2016

Summer is upon us! I hope you have put in your entry forms for your favorite fair shows and have found a good swap to sell your extra spring hatches.

If you've tried to contact me in the past two months, you may have had a delayed response from me, but I promise it was for a valid reason! Our family welcomed Joel Isaac Miller on April 21, 8 weeks before his due date. After 2 weeks in the hospital for me and 4 weeks in the NICU for him, we are all enjoying being a family of 4 and are playing catch-up as we adjust to having a newborn in the house after 12-1/2 years! So thank you for your patience as we learn a new normal.

I picked a busy time of year to be away from my computer and there have been a lot of new events added to the website. Without further ado, here are the most recent updates, including some brand new shows!

1st Annual shows added to the website:

**1st Annual Chicago Spirit Serama Table Top Competition And Expo - Wheaton, IL - July 17, 2016 - Learn More

**1st Annual Lincoln County Fair Open Poultry Show - Newport, OR - August 18-21, 2016 - Learn More

**1st Annual Moon City Poultry Club Show - Wapakoneta, OH - May 13-14, 2017 - Learn More

News and Updates:

**Pennsylvania Fair Restrictions Update: "After a year-long suspension of avian activities at the state’s 109 county fairs and the 2016 Pennsylvania Farm Show, state officials today announced the ban will be lifted June 1."

New events added to the website:

**PK Annual Fathers Day Swap - Amherst, WI - June 19, 2016 - Learn More

**PK Small Animal Auction - Amherst, WI - June 26, 2016 - Learn More

**Vermilion County Fair - Oakwood, IL - July 8, 2016 - Learn More

**Walker Farmer's Swap & Flea Market - Walker, IA - July 10, June 12, August 7, Sept 4, Oct 9, 2016 - Learn More

**Denver County Fair - Denver, CO - July 29-31, 2016 - Learn More

**South Dakota State Fair - Huron, SD - September 2-3, 2016 - Learn More

**WOE Heritage Fair - Cottage Grove, OR - September 19-21, 2016 - Learn More

**North Carolina State Fair - Raleigh, NC - October 16, 2016 - Learn More

Corrections to the website:

**O.E.G. Bantam Bonanza - Atoka, OK - November 19, 2016 NOT Nov. 12 - Learn More

**Sandlappers Poultry Breeders Association - Barnwell, SC - November 5, 2016 NOT Nov. 12 - Learn More

**Northwest Georgia Poultry Club - Calhoun, GA - September 24, 2016 NOT September 10 - Learn More

**Grundy County Bird and Animal Swap - Grundy Center, IA - September 24-25, 2016 NOT September 10-11 - Learn More

**Texas All Game Bantam Club - "The All Game Show" - Newcastle, OK - October 16, 2016 NOT October 30, 2016 - Learn More

We rely on your help to keep us up-to-date and accurate. Keep the updates coming. Use the link below to email us.

Warmest regards, Kevin, Valerie, Kara (and Joel!) Email Us!

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