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Poultry Show & Swap Updates, August Issue #1
August 02, 2012

Welcome to the first issue of Poultry Show & Swap Updates. Thanks for your interest and support of our website. We hope to be a reliable and accurate resource for you. The website will be changing and developing quite a lot in the coming weeks. We'll keep you posted as we add new pages and content.

It's hard to believe we've only introduced you to our site just over a week ago. We appreciate so much the way you've spread the word and recommended our site.

Since last week, we've added two new pages:

-Recommended Websites - A few of our favorite resources and forums online. We'll be adding to the list as time passes and we discover new ones.

-Trivia Questions - There will be 20 questions posted each month, researched and created by our 8 year old. She comes up with some tough ones so test your knowledge, just for fun. We now have 2 months of questions.

Recently Added Shows:

-Central Florida Poultry Breeders Association Double Fall Show- November 10th

-Annual Basket Show – August 5

-Rocky Mountain Poultry Fanciers’ Big Sky Poultry Exposition – Oct 6

-Safford Show – January 4-5, 2013

-Utah Classic SC – February 9, 2013

-Peach State Serama Classic – Unknown 2013 Date

Recently Added Swaps:

-Carolina Chickenstock - September 22

-Southeast Iowa Pigeon Club Buy-Sell-Trade Days – August 12 & September 9

-Purebred Poultry and rabbit sale and swap – September 29, 2012

Changes in date, location or contact:

-Big Bird Classic

-Sussex County Poultry Show

-Alabama Bantam Club Show

Check out the new pages and use the website to get more information on these new additions. Try out the "What can we help you find?" search feature on each page. It's a powerful tool! We love hearing from you. Any comments or new information is welcome!

Your fellow fanciers,

Kevin, Valerie and Kara Miller

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