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Poultry Show & Swap Updates, October Issue #3
September 30, 2012

Welcome to the third issue of Poultry Show & Swap Updates. Thanks for your interest and support of our website. We hope to be a reliable and accurate resource for you. The website has continued to change and develop in the past month and I hope you have found the changes and additions helpful. We'll keep you posted as we add new pages and content.

Since last month, we've added some new pages:

We're going beyond the basics and have started a "Fancy 201" section on our website for the next level of poultry breeding and showing. If you have an area of expertise you'd like to submit an article, we'd love your help. Contact us! We have 3 new pages in the Fancy 201 since last month:

-Ship Your Hatching Eggs - A great step-by-step method of successfully shipping and mailing your hatching eggs so they get to their intended destination safely and intact.

-Coccidiosis - A great article on Cocci by our poultry health guru, Lisa Vaughn.

-Fowlpox - Another great health article by Lisa.

We've also added:

-Advertise With Us - Learn about advertising opportunities on our website. Our rates are low and we have several options. If you're a breeder, consider doing a very affordable featured advertisement on the breeder directory page. We're getting great traffic!

Recently Added Shows:

-North Florida Fair November 1-12, 2012

-North Georgia Fair October 19-27, 2012

-South Carolina State Fair October 10-21, 2012

-Fraser Valley Poultry Fanciers Association Winter Show October 27, 2012

-APA Canadian Nationals October 27, 2012

-New England Bantam Club Fall Show November 18, 2012

Recently Added Swaps:

-Lexington Fall Exotic Bird and Animal Auction

-Palmyra Livestock Auction - November 10, 2012

-Madison Bird and Animal Consignment Auction

-Fremont Exotic Bird and Animal Auction

-West Point Exotic Bird and Animal Auction - October 21, 2012

-Love a Lop Spring Animal Swap Meet

-Love a Lop Fall Animal Swap Meet

-Jackson County 4-H Small Animal Auction

-Kendall Small Animal and Consignment Auction - October 13, 2012 & November 10, 2012

-One of a Kind Sale November 10, 2012

-Heart of America Game Breeders' Association Gardner Sale

-Heart of America Game Breeders' Association Overbrook Sale

We're always looking for more! Please let us know which swaps and auctions you attend.

Changes in date, location or contact:

-Jingle All The Way Show - 12/1/2012 not 12/8/12

-Bama Serama Council Santa Express Show - December 15, 2012 - CANCELLED

-Seaside Feather Fanciers Bash at the Beach - October 27, 2012 NOT 10/20-10/21

-South Central Poultry Club November 24, 2012 NOT 11/26/12

-Oklahoma State Poultry Federation 12/7/2012-12/9/2012 NOT 12/8-12/9

-Abilene Poultry Association Fall Show November 3, 2012 NOT 10/6/12

Also since last month, we launched a very active Facebook photo contest. You can see the winners on the homepage of the website. We appreciate all the enthusiastic participation! We are well over 400 Facebook Likes and that number is growing everyday. We also just started up a Facebook group where there is more interaction and discussion on all things poultry show. Join us!

We had an article published in Backyard Poultry magazine and will also be published in The Poultry Magazine, next month. We will be attending the Southern Ohio show and will have a table. We will be having a Giveaway, so come say hello and consider becoming part of our breeder directory or becoming one of our advertisers.

We love hearing from you. Any comments or new information is welcome!

Your fellow fanciers,

Kevin, Valerie and Kara Miller

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