AZ - Seramas For Sale

by Arthur McDonald
(Avondale, Arizona)

2014 Hen

2014 Hen

We breed for type and size, usually incubating and hatching year around. Pictured is a mottled pullet. We can be reached by email at

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Jul 04, 2017
my seram,asw NEW
by: Anonymous

i love seramas i have been raising them i love the ones that are black and white i study them and i even bring them to shows so now it is summer and i have to hens that are hatching some they will be for sale.

Jan 21, 2017
Silkied Serama NEW
by: Anonymous

Do you raise Silkied Serama? If so, do you have any light colored ?

Oct 12, 2016
baby serama chicks for sale NEW
by: Anonymous

do you have any baby chicks for sale?? please let me know. thank you!!

May 10, 2016
interested in seramas for sale NEW
by: Anonymous

i wish you would ship to new mexico please please i will pay gilbert 505-507-6644nelson

Nov 14, 2015
Plz help, need serama chicken!
by: Anonymous

I am interested in your serama chickens i find it increasingly hard to find baby serama chickens for sale, I would like to get 1 hen, and 1 roo, but all I can find is fertilized eggs that need to be hatched, but I want to raise them from 1 day old. So, I think your serama chickens are beautiful, but I will pay whatever for these chickens, only if there are one hen and 1 roo, they also have to be babies. Thank you, get back to me when you can.

Mar 07, 2015
Serama Breeding Season
by: McDonald Serama House

Greetings All:

The serama shown is an example of our type we breed. Currently we are culling the remaining stock, and finishing pairing up all the birds. We are selling some year old hens, and young hatched in October through December. We only ship eggs, live birds must be picked up. Our goal is to have only breeding stock in the 250-350 gram range. we recently added OC serama stock to our breeding program, we recommend OC serama they have beautiful birds, just check out their website at OC

Feb 19, 2015
Serama info please?
by: Amelia Donaldson

Hi! I am interested in your Serama pullets. ( The
white variety, and I am wondering if you carry the silkied variety.The bird you show is so pretty!
I am wondering the price and how many you will ship, Because I only want two hens. And most of the Serama websites want me to purchase a cockeral, and where I am located, you can have roosters, Thanks! here is my email

Nov 23, 2014
mottled hen
by: howard

What are you asking for the hen?

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