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AZ - Turkey Poults Bourbon Red and other varieties

by Marcia Lincoln
(Tucson, Arizona, USA)

I am hatching and taking orders for turkey poults. I raise Bourbon Red, Royal Palm, Slate, Self Blue, Lilac, and Penciled Palms, all kept in separate breeding pens so the lines are kept pure. 15 poult minimum to ship. $10 each with an order of 15 or more; less than 15, they are $12 each. Shipping and box are extra. Visit my website at www.featheredreptilesfarm.weebly.com
Email featheredreptilespoultry@gmail.com

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Feb 07, 2019
Looking for Bourbon Red chicks NEW
by: Susan Cain

I'm looking for some bourbon red turkeys....wooud prefer chicks to raise.....can I get pricing

Jan 20, 2017
Looking for a few Burbons and Blue Slates NEW
by: Robin

Looking for a few Burbons and Blue Slates

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