Buff Orpingtons - Marc Sacre Bloodlines

by Tracie
(Woodland Hills, CA)

Available Cockerels

Available Cockerels

I currently have 3 juvenile pairs available for $125 as well as cockerels for $75. They are Marc Sacre Bloodlines, Buff Orpingtons. These are my favorite breed because they are the quietest, friendliest and largest breed of chicken. Even the roosters do not crow all day long just a few times in the morning and a few times in the afternoon. They are very healthy, free of diseases, never been exposed to any other birds or brought to show where the risk of exposure is greater. Please contact me for more information or photos. My name is Tracie and I can be emailed at orpingtonhills@icloud.com call or text 747-275-7584. I look forward to speaking with you.

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