CA - Exhibition Quality Langshan

by Sherry
(Central California)

 breeding hen

breeding hen

I breed large fowl black Langshan to the Standard of Perfection. My birds meet the recommended weights. They are big boned, deep and wide. They have been consistently on champion row for 3 years. I sell hatching eggs, started birds and adults.

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May 12, 2019
black langshan day olds or hatching eggs
by: Sephy

I'm located in N. County San Diego, Calif. Have had a small black Langshan flock for many many years. Recently have lost my beloved rooster and two hens due to tenacious neighbors dogs getting into my yard. My remaining 3 hens are out of sorts. They are my babies and i hate to see them so lonely. I'm looking for day old chicks or eggs to hatch. Best of worlds would be to end up with 1 male and 3 or more hens, but as chicks so as to raise them as pets. Who or where is my best option?
Any ideas are welcome.
Thank you.

Dec 04, 2017
Searching for langshan pullets NEW
by: Lynda

I am looking to buy some langshan pullets. If anyone has any please contact me at

Nov 02, 2016
egg color NEW
by: Anonymous

Langshan eggs are brown. Brown. Sometimes they may have a whitish coating described as "being like the bloom on a plum". Some people have misconstrued this to mean the egg itself is plum/purple in color. It may make the egg appear to be a pinkish color but rest assured it is brown under the "bloom." Anyone selling purple eggs is selling hogwash in hopes of making a quick buck. If you are interested in Langshan that lay the correct brown eggs then I'm your gal.

Nov 01, 2016
Black Langshans NEW
by: Anonymous

Hello. I am looking for a Black Langshan Rooster ...please send me an email if you have a guy that would work for me. thanks

Dec 19, 2015
by: Anonymous

Are their eggs brown or purple?

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