Central TX - Old English Game Bantams

by Jose Villalobos
(Belton Texas u.s.a)

I raise different colors of the old English game Bantams just to name a few : Brown Red, Porcelain, Brassy Back, Blue Brassy Back, Quail, Self Blue, Creole, Spangle, Pearl, silver Duck Wing, Fawn Duck Wing, Golden Duck Wing, Silver Quill, Red Quill, Ginger, Lemon Blue, BB Red, Opal, Buff, Birchen,Columbian, Barred Rock, Black, and more. I am located in Belton Texas I can be reached by text or by calling me at 254 613 0898 or 254 227 9224 my name's Jose Villalobos. You can call or text any time .

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