CO - Blue Partridge Brahma

by Jason
(Strasburg, CO 80136)

You can reach us at 303-257-9052 to determine the other breeds and ages we have available.

We are located in Strasburg, CO. At this time, we do not ship our birds or eggs. We may begin shipping hatching eggs in Spring of 2017.

Comments for CO - Blue Partridge Brahma

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Aug 26, 2017
Blue Partridge Brahma NEW
by: Karen

I currently have blue partridge brahma and looking to add additional to my line by next spring. Please contact me

Mar 20, 2017
Blue Partridge Brahma NEW
by: Stacey

I am very interested in adding these beauties to my flock. If you do ship hatching eggs this spring, I am VERY interested. Thank you. :)

Jan 29, 2017
Hatching Eggs? NEW
by: Maggie

I VERY much want some of these chickens, and the only other breeders listed is in FL and there is a shipping embargo from that region to mine. So... might you have any hatching eggs available soon? Thank you!

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