Collectable Virtual Chickens? Many breeds available.

by Aaron
(Provo, UT)

Are you fanatical about chickens like we are but can't own them any more due to your living arrangements or other constraints?

Fear not! We are making a chicken simulator where you can collect and breed virtual chickens!

Landrace Crypto Critters is blockchain based 3D collectible game. The first critter we are creating is Gallus Gallus Domesticus!

Many "Breeds" will be represented, including fantastical breeds that do not exist in nature.

The gene simulator in Landrace will model many complex concepts like Incomplete Dominance and Polygenic Expression and the genetic model is based on a simplified model of Chicken genes.

During the pre-release referral contest you can claim a free Gen 1 chicken and get another Gen 1 chicken for every referral you make.

Learn more here:

As an early adopter you will be able to help us tune the game. We'd love to get feedback from the poultry enthusiast community!

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