CT - Coturnix Quail for sale

by Beth


I have many different color Cot. Quail for sale in both eggs and adults. I have for colors; Brown, Buff, and White.

Please email gaetanofarm@gmail.com or visit my Gaetano Family Farm Facebook page if you are interested.

Thank you for looking!!
Gaetano Family Farm, LLC

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May 28, 2017
quail NEW
by: marianne

I'm looking for quail to train my hunting dog? any available

Mar 07, 2017
Any Quail available? NEW
by: Anonymous


We are looking to buy 4 to 6 quail for egg laying,
Andrew McConnell


Mar 04, 2017
Quail NEW
by: Star

Do you have any quail available now?

Oct 29, 2016
Interested in quail NEW
by: Gaetano Farm


I do not have "Bobwhite" quail I have Cortunix only. If your interested I have unsexed 3 month olds all feathered out and outside no heat for $12 each. If you want them please email me at: gaetanofarm@gmail.com

Thank you,

Oct 29, 2016
quail in connecticut NEW
by: ann jones

i am interested in purchasing and trying to introduce quail/bobwhite on my property in connecticut.

thank you

Aug 22, 2016
Sales Inquiries NEW
by: Gaetano Farm


I have hatching eggs available now and will have chicks in a few about two weeks.

Please contact me through my website www.gaetanofarm.com on the "contact me" icon

Thank you

Aug 22, 2016
coturnix NEW
by: claudia

i would like to buy few birds as pets how i go about it

Mar 11, 2016
Quail NEW
by: Anonymous

Looking to train my hunting dog. Any nearby quail in CT, looking for 10.

Mar 04, 2016
by: Cobblerock Ridge

I have a Covey of around 80 female Coturnix Some of them are a Buff color or Fawn, I`d like More of the Fawn, If You can sell to Me oh-Maybe around 20 or so "Robust" Fawn Coturnix Chick`s Mostly female`s and some Male`s would be nice.(I know it is not easy if at all possible to tell at so young an age.) That would Brighten My Whole Life. :-D I also have 5 Texas A&M`S and some Speckled Italian`s I plan on Mail Ordering some Texas A&M Hatching Eggs This Spring, But I`m wondering if there are any Speckled Italian`s in CT. And how close the CT. Speckled Covey is in Genetics ? Just to send it out there I`m looking for a Cabinet Incubator and cages. ( cheep ) :-)

Dec 27, 2015


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