FL - Chick Whisperer 2019 will be offering 2-3 month old started Pullets for sale in Tallahassee Fl. 32317

by Suzanne Tucker
(Tallahassee Florida 32317)

My family calls me the Chick Whisperer Hahaha it seems lately chicks are my life. I will be selling 2-3 months old pullets starting in May. I will have Buff Orpingtons, Golden Sex-links, Black Sex-links, Golden-laced Wyandottes, Rangers, Olive Eggers, Ameracaunas, Rhode Island Reds, New Hampshire Reds and a couple more breeds will be added from time to time. I selected these breeds for their good looks, temperament, good egg laying qualities, and dual purpose. They will go fast as I am the only one selling farm quality pullets in Tallahassee Florida, 32317. Unless you want to drive to the other side of the state or another state to get chickens that your not sure that you're going to want to get or want in a chicken. These eye-catching girls will steal the show in your yard for years to come! I will update this ad with any changes and will take suggestions on types of breeds and services offered. Happy farming! Email sfoleary.sfo@gmail.com.

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Aug 06, 2019
Rare and Dual Purpose Chickens for sale $25-$35 each!
by: Chick Wheperer 2019


Turkey Roost Mini Farms
I have several Roosters and a variety of rare and dual-purpose chickens for sale! Most are quite friendly, some are super friendly and love to cuddle and talked to. Most of them are ready to start laying and I do free range all my chickens and provide supplemental feeding to make sure they are healthy and produce yummy eggs. I feed them 2x's a day with a good quality chicken feed that has vitamins, omega fatty acids and is treated with molasses, it makes their feathers really shiny, more colorful & vibrant and occasionally watermelon, fruit, and veggies along with some tummy table scraps!

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