Free Araucana White Rooster 1 year old

by Karin Vogel
(Essex Junction)

White Araucana 1 Yr. Old

White Araucana 1 Yr. Old

I'm simply looking for a home for a 1 yr. old all white rooster. I realize he isn't a show bird, but just hoping someone can help me find him a good home. I live in Essex Junction VT.
I have close neighbors and they have complained that he crows. I had ordered only female but ended up with one male. He's not aggressive to people but will protect his hens.

37 Browns River Rd.
Essex Jct. VT

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Apr 25, 2019
Rooster collar NEW
by: Anonymous

If it's just a noise issue and you're able to keep him, try a rooster collar.
I have 3 roosters and have solved the issue of all 3 roosters trying to out-crow each other in sync by putting rooster collars on all of them. Not only is the volume of their crow reduced significantly, the frequency of their crowing has also been reduced dramatically, as they are not trying to outdo each other ALL DAY LONG anymore.
Instead of buying expensive rooster collars, I just purchased a yard of double-sided velcro (1" wide) at Jo-Anne fabrics and cut it to length depending on the rooster size (about 6-8 inches).
You will have to put it on loosely on day one until he gets used to it; It is normal for the rooster to walk backwards and try to scratch at his neck to take it off, but he will get used to it quickly; he will still be able to crow as loud as before though. Then on day 2 make it a little tighter, but still loose enough to fit your index finger between the collar and his neck. on day 3 you can tighten it up a bit more so that it's just the diameter of his neck, but still able to fit your pinky finger in between. You may have to make frequent adjustments, until his crow volume is diminished. Caution: You have to be able to monitor your rooster for at least an hour after every adjustment, because if it's on too tight, he may choke and/or suffocate. In other words, you can't make an adjustment and leave the yard, because by the time you come back to check on him, it may be too late.

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