IL - Birmingham Rollers, various colors - Not selling. Giving away.

by Mike Frakes

I have between 40 to 50 pigeons I need to give away due to health reasons. 98% of them are Birmingham Rollers, various colors. I have a few Homers also. I am particular who I give them away to, had a horrible experience a few years back, when I gave over 175 away, and they ended up killed because their coupe was not adequate, after assuring me it was. Most of these are less than 5 years in age.

My name is Mike Frakes I live in Elvaston,Illinois and you can get to me at my e-mail address: I am retired and available most of the time. If you contact me I will give you a phone number at that time. Thanks

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Oct 07, 2018
Is ad still up NEW
by: Lynn faer

I live in cedar Rapids IA, saw ad on poultry central. Do you still have a y toller's yet? I would be interested in some of you do email is

Thank you
Lynn Farmer

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