IL - Day Old Chicks

by Angie Frank
(Prophetstown, IL US)

"Your one stop RAINBOW EGG shop!"

We are a small family farm located in Prophetstown, IL. We are currently taking orders for Spring 2019 poultry! We raise 12 breed of chickens. Also Welsh Harlequin Ducks, Midget White Turkeys, Cortunix Quail and various colored Guineas. We are NPIP, #1360 IL.

All will be day old chicks, straight run only.

Call or go to our website to order:
Cell - (309) 714-3109

Our Chicken Breeds include: Black Copper Marans, Lavendar Ameraucana, Lavendar Orpington, Isbar (Silverudd Blue), Olive Egger, Easter egger, Welsummer, Croad Langshan, Speckled Sussex, Cream and Creole Legbar.

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