IN- Nankin bantams

by Tricia

Last weeks chick

Last weeks chick

I raise show quality stock. All my nankins are show birds and co Pete well. I have had 100% fertility In all the eggs I have hatched. One of my best hens is the daughter of the cock a that won at Ohio nationals. I sell hatching eggs $25 for 6 eggs. $40 for a dozen eggs. Buyer pays shipping. We will also be offering chicks soon
If you are interested in eggs or would like to be put on a waiting list for chicks or adults, please contact me. You can email me at or comment and I will contact you .

I also have beautiful white crested black polish and white silkies.
I attend Ohio nationals, Central IN poultry show and the poultry show in Lima OH.

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Mar 08, 2017
rose comb ? NEW
by: George

Do you raise the rose comb variety.
I would be interested in eggs, or a hen.
please let me know soon, started up my incubator, but I have no hen to go with the one male bird I have. Thanks, please reply to ,

Mar 06, 2017
Lima Show NEW
by: Gary

Are you coming to the Lima show in 2017 and are you bringing Nankins for sale? What are your asking prices.

Feb 06, 2017
Nankin NEW
by: Jeremy

I am in need of some nankin birds for my kids to show in 4H,adults would be best but would do chicks if I need to,would love to raise these birds and hopefully spread them to other people. It's hard to believe a bird on the critical list would be hard to get. Please someone if you can help me email me at thanks everyone for your time

Nov 13, 2016
Eggs NEW
by: Irvin

We're trying to help the nankin breed, & would like to purchase eggs to combine w/other breeder eggs. Please call or text at 513-233-1404.
Thanks, Irvin & Teresa

Oct 01, 2016
by: Michelle

I'm in need of a bird for 4-H showmanship we have a show on the 9th is there anyway?

May 04, 2016
Nankin Single Combs Wanted NEW
by: Don

I am looking for Nankin chicks. I would prefer 4-6 hens. Please let me know if you will have any available. My email is

Thank you.

May 04, 2016
Nankin Single Combs Wanted NEW
by: Don

I am looking for Nankin chicks. I would prefer 4-6 hens. Please let me know if you will have any available. My email is

Thank you.

Sep 21, 2015
Im looking for a young quad or trio
by: AMarvinnonymous

If you have one to sell please contact me at 865-654-6131 thank you,

Aug 30, 2015
eggs available
by: Anonymous

Do you have any eggs available? Text to 715-421-9019. Thanks

Apr 23, 2015
Nankins bantams
by: Anonymous

Hatching eggs, chicks or pairs, could u text me price on these n if u have any 334-389-5490

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