KY - Birchen, Black Breasted Red, Brown Red, Lemon Blue, and Red Pyle Modern Game Bantams

by Mitch
(Bowling Green, KY)

I have cockerels and pullets of the above Modern Game varieties for sale, as well as young breeders for sale. Prices are from $20-30 per bird depending on their age. Text or call 270-202-1803.

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Mar 01, 2018
In Search Of Modern Game Bantam Eggs NEW
by: Amy

I am looking to buy some fertile Modern Game Bantam eggs. I lost my sweet little Modern Game "NUGGET" a few months ago and have had a really hard time finding this breed. I LOVE them so much-I was hoping to get about 1/2 dozen (or so) eggs. Would prefer NOT to get any Birchen.
Would you be able to help me?
My cell # is (410)299-7650
I'm in Maryland.
Thanks a million!

Jan 19, 2018
Lemon blue NEW
by: Shawn

Looking for lemon blue chicks or young adults. My cell is 903-918-6127. I will try calling you tomorrow. Do you ship?

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