KY - Heritage Barred Rock, NPIP

Pure stock Heritage Barred Rocks. Starter chickens, chicks, hatching eggs, and incubation for the eggs is available. NPIP and KY Proud certified., or email:

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Jul 24, 2019
Barred Rock chicks or hatching eggs NEW
by: Kim Mower

Hello, I am looking for NPIP Barred Rock hatching eggs or chicks. I am a long time breeder, and am focusing my efforts on traditional American heritage dual purpose breeds. I am looking for a source to start a flock of heritage Barred Plymouth Rock. Do you have any available?
Regards, Rare Breed Preservation Project, Kim Mower

May 29, 2018
Plymouth Rock Pullets NEW
by: GAnderson

I am interested in adding about 4 Plymouth Rock Pullets to my flock. How much do you sell them for? How old are they? I am in Louisville, how far are you?

Thank you.

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