KY - Muscovy Ducks & Ducklings

Thinking about getting some Muscovy ducks around your place? Well then, what could be more adorable than a flock of fuzzy little Muscovy ducklings or having farm fresh eggs from your friendly duck hens who greet you every morning. Why are muscovy ducks so awesome? Let me count the ways... They're quiet and friendly, they hunt flies (seriously), are hardy in all weathers, and produce the most fabulous eggs ever. One of the most distinctive qualities is how quiet they are. The females have a sweet, adorable call that sounds like a trill. You have to be quite close to them to even hear them. The males make a sound like they are laughing, a breathy version of the female trill. These are almost always accompanied by some head bobbing and the crest raising and lowering. These ducks use a lot of body language and wag their tails when excited. Muscovies are social birds that love company. A muscovy that's raised around people will be very interested in the people around them. It almost seems that the Muscovy are trying to "talk" when they come up to you, wag their tails like a dog, and look up at you as if to say, "Got a treat?" Mine love to be fed directly from the scoop. As a matter of fact, children love them. I need to downsize my flock, so I am now offering some of these wonderful ducks for sale. I have a variety of beautiful colors and patterns, including Silver, Grey, White, Black, Barred, Black/White, Lavender, and Blue.


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Jul 12, 2019
For sale NEW
by: Anonymous

I have some muscovey and am looking to expand. If you still have some please let me know.
Contact me at
Thank you

Jul 06, 2019
Looking for Muscovy NEW
by: Leila

Do you have Muscovy ducks currently for sale or know where I might find some near Franklin, TN? Please email

Jul 03, 2019
Muscovies NEW
by: Anonymous

Are you selling muscovies? I'd like to purchase some for my farm. Please let me know -

Apr 14, 2019
prices NEW
by: sally

looking for adult and baby Muscovy duck prices,contact me at

Mar 24, 2019
Still selling NEW
by: Bridget coffey

Are you still selling muscovy chicks? If so can you please email me price info and where you are located. Thanks.

Mar 13, 2019
female muscovys
by: Trevor

I'm looking for two Muscovy ducks and would like to know if you're still selling?

contact me at

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