Lewis Wright Poultry Book Prints, framed and matted (10) @$130.00 each

by Frances Spalti
(N. Myrtle Beach, S.C. USA)

Pair of Silkies

Pair of Silkies

I have 10 Lewis Wright's Poultry Book, published by Cassell, lithograph prints that are framed and matted that I would like to sell. They include:
1)Plate#25 Pair of Henny Game
2)Pair of Pile Game
3)Black Red and Pile Game Bantams
4)Plate#12 Pair of Silkies
5)Pair of Houdans-"Young Champion and Lady"
6)Plate#7 Pair of Malays
7)Plate#4 Pair of Silver Spangled Polish
8)Plate#16 Wheaton Game Hen
9)Plate#28 Black Breasted Red Game Cock "The Earl"
10)Plate#35 "AYAM JALLAK" (the Finest Breed of Malay Game Cock)

I am asking $130.00 each(this is half of their valued price) which would be a total of $1,300.00. A set of 12 sold at Sothbys for over #2,000.00. (if more than 1 purchased the price is negotiable). You may contacted me at by email: fspalti@gmail.com or at 352-220-1567. Thank you for considering them.

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