Lovely Serama boy, 5-month old. Northern Illinois (Aurora)

by John
(Aurora, Illinois)

This lovely Serama cockerel was hatched in October so he's about 5 months old. He is very calm and docile and loves to be held. He's been hand-fed since he was a baby. He was just recently moved outdoors in a heated coop with the rest of the flock. His brothers (other Serama's) are already spoken for, he's the only one left. If anyone is interested, he's in northern Illinois. He's only $50 plus delivery fee within an hour's drive or you can pick him up yourself. I've never shipped a live bird and I'd hate anything to happen to this cutie while in transit. If interested, let me know soon, he will be advertised locally too.
The gold crested black Cochin (Chuck) and the Frizzled cockerel (Cookie) is available as well, both also 5 months old. Thanks, John

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