MA - Young organic laying pullets

by Wenona Racicot
(Uxbridge, MA )

Layer breed pullets raised here at Chockalog Farm from day old chicks. Available starting at 5 weeks old when they do not need heat anymore, making your job easier. Have eggs from your very own chickens starting in October.

Limited numbers available. Includes Red "Novogen" (RI Red/Leghorn), Black Austalourp, and Blue Production (RI Red/Blue Ausralorp). There are far more red ones available than the other colors. They are also the best at production of eggs per pound of feed and earliest to start laying, although all these breeds are very good layers.

These pullets (this is what female chickens before they start laying are called) have been fed organic feed and have been raised with the greatest of care ensuring good health. Please make sure you have an appropriate setup for them when you take them home as I will not guarantee how they perform after leaving our farm. I will, however, make a trade if any end up being roosters (this is very rare but can happen if they were not sexed properly at the hatchery). They have been doing absolutely fantastic ever since they got here and I would expect them to continue doing the same if given an appropriate setup. If you have any questions about what they need, please ask me!
Pick up for these birds will be Saturdays at 10AM by reservation only!

They were hatched April 21st. Pricing for different ages as they get older are as follows. I will take reservations, with no deposit required, for the first available day on the schedule. I will also take reservations, with a 50% deposit, for any future day on the schedule below:

5 weeks old, May 29 $12.00
6 wks, June 5 $13.00
7 wks, June 12 $14.00
8 wks June 19 $15.00
9 wks, June 26 $16.00
10 wks, July 3 $17.00
11 wks, July 10 $18.00
12 wks, July 17 $20.00
13 wks July 24 $22.00
14 wks July 31 $24.00
15 wks Aug 7 $26.00
16 wks Aug 14 $28.00
17 wks Aug 21 $30.00

Please email to reserve or ask questions. Wenona at Thank you!

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