MI - Royal Palm turkey poults and hatching eggs

by Vanessa Tobias
(Manchester, Michigan )

NPIP certified flock
$13 poults straight run, $40 dozen hatching eggs

Email MotherCluckerz@yahoo.com
Mother Cluckerz LLC

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Sep 06, 2021
Need poults to replace a pet
by: Nanna

We had a shed wall fall and my grandchildren lost their pet little foot. They helped her hatch even put cardboard on her foot to help it straighten out. She would come running and now we have Nutty Buddy left without a partner, can you send a a text let me know if you can help .Everyone seems to be out of Turkeys, Royal Palmers we’re the ones we had. It’s just so sad.

Apr 13, 2021
Royal palms NEW
by: Anonymous

Do you still have royal palm hatching eggs for sale ? 28634

Jan 10, 2021
Do you have turkeys for sale NEW
by: Anonymous

How much where located

Dec 15, 2020
Hatching eggs
by: Anonymous

When are hatching eggs available?

Sep 27, 2020
Tom royal palm
by: Justin

Do you have a Royal palm Tom for sale?

Sep 22, 2020
turkeys NEW
by: Anonymous

do you still have any royal palm turkeys and or royal palm hatching eggs. if so, do you ship??

Aug 23, 2020
Female turkey NEW
by: Mary

I was wondering if you still had turkeys I have 1 tom and would like a female

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