MO - Instant Backyard Laying Flock

by Michelle
(Holden, MO)

We have 7 laying hens and 2 roosters to sell.

The breeds are as follows:

Laying hens

light brahma, Truly and Honor, 2
speckled sussex, 1, Rosey, 1 yr
blue maran, 1, Gloria, 2 yr
olive egger, 2, Riddle and Copper, 1 yr
golden comet, 1, Hailey/Comet, 1 yr.


red bantam cochin, Rudy, 1 yr
buff silkie, Lucious, 1 yr

We are moving and can't t-5705ake everyone.
We have about 40 chickens and are moving an hour away.

Our chickens are spoiled. They get catalope, celery, cabbage, watermelon, scratch and layer feed. They are all our little friends. They are a great healthy group and we would like to see them go to people who will appreciate them for the sweet, non-pecking animals they are. NO REALLY, they do not peck. ;0)

For any poultry owner, a lot of time must be spent with chickens to make sure they are sweet and look forward to your presence. Our roosters as well as all the hens can be picked up and petted.

Recommended for everyone! READY TO GO! Our girls lay ever day and are not mixed.

Please let me know if you are interested.

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