MO - Silkie Roosters $10

by Letta Smith
(Truxton, MO USA)

Beautiful Black Silkie Roosters For Sale

Beautiful Black Silkie Roosters For Sale

Beautiful Black Silkie Roosters For Sale
White Silkie Rooster For Sale

In Missouri - We have beautiful soft fuzzy Bearded Silkie Roosters For Sale
- September 2017 Chicks, now 5 months old -
Make great pets or put them in with your hens to have chicks of your own!
Friendly and use to being held...will even eat out of your hands!
- 1 White & 4 Black - Must go!
Only $10.00 each. Cash please.
Call Letta 636-597-4023 or email to set up viewing and pick-up. No texts please.

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