MS - Delaware Chickens

by David
(Hernando, MS, USA)

Compost Scratchin'

Compost Scratchin'

Compost Scratchin'
Bad Girl

We are solely an as ordered breeder. We will breed and raise the hens or roosters that you want to purchase. Pure breed Delaware Chickens are raised from chicks hatched with a pure Delaware Rooster and pure Delaware Broody Hen. Our original breeding stock has been vaccinated against Mareks and Coccidiosis. Breeding stock has been fed solely organic feed, free range pastured, and fed green leafy foliage from our organically grown vegetable garden.

Delawares are a beautiful dual purpose heritage breed and are a threatened endangered breed on the endangered species list. We sell Hens and Roosters as "Started Pullets" and "Started Cockerels" at 20 - 24 weeks of age.

1 - 5 Pullets are sold for $25ea
6+ Pullets are sold for $20ea

Cockerels are sold for $40ea

We do not ship birds, we only sell locally, so you will need to plan on making the trip to our breeding property. We can box the chickens for you into cardboard boxes or you can bring a pet container to place them in during transit.

Contact us at 302-438-0160 9a-5p M-Sa or by email at

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Dec 04, 2015
Show Quality
by: David


I'm a new breeder, but breeding to show quality standards is something I would definitely consider doing. Let me do some research on what type of requirements there are for that type of breeding. I'll have to talk about it with "the boss" (my wife Della, lol). My first instinct on it is that it shouldn't be a problem, but let me do some research on it and see what's involved. Here's my email:

Dec 03, 2015
Show quality?
by: Sandy Kavaaugh

Hi! I just saw your lovely flock of Delawares, and have long been a fan of the breed. Could you tell me if you adhere to the Standard of Perfection, so that your birds can be shown? I realize not everyone is interested in exhibition, but want a purebred flock of a high laying breed such as Delawares. Thank you!

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