MT - Dutch Bantams: Mille Fleur and Cream Mille Fleur Dutch

by Jean
(Kalispell, Montana)

Mille Fleur hen= 8 years old

Mille Fleur hen= 8 years old

No eggs, chicks, but will have young adults and, rarely, older proven adults. Mille Fleur and Cream Mille Fleur Dutch--from imports from Holland--still under construction (but very NICE) and need lots of them exhibited so the varieties "Approval" can be applied for ABA.

Marek's vaccinated and NPIP certified ."Pure" Dutch with pedigrees. All of my breeding birds come from imported DUTCH, bred by leading exhibitors in Holland. No longer can get to Shows, but selected birds from my breeding pens have done very well all across the country. I never promise "winners", (that is up to the competition and the Judge,) but DUTCH to breed and be pleased with......) Jean Robocker -

And join the Dutch Bantam Society: to learn about the BREED----they are NOT like the OEGB and should be NO RELATION to that lovely bantam breed AT ALL~

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May 04, 2018
light Brown Dutch bantams NEW
by: andy johnson

May 4th
I have ordered two pair from Shoulder strap bantams of Vanleer, Tn of Kenny Harris birds. Hoping they will be here in Michigan by Wednesday, no later than Thursday. Will be able to wake to their crowing for the weekend. Seems so many who use to raise birds don't now. A large spring show was cancelled "for lack of interest"? Just want to sit on front porch and watch the little flock doing their thing. And trying to protect them from hawks.

May 03, 2018
30 YEARS with true DUTCH BANTAMS, time to rest a bit! NEW
by: Jean Robocker

Dutch Bantam Society does not have a website at this time, is not active, but still has a membership. I will have no birds for sale this year--might have a book on True DUTCH this fall or winter.

Apr 29, 2018
dutch bantams NEW
by: Andy johnson

April 29
Happy Sunday morning.

"Plan" to sit on my front porch and watch and listen to my "flock" of 3-6 hens and 1-2 roosters of the light brown Dutch bantams. Hopefully they may hatch a few chicks and add to the "scene". Located in southern Michigan (three Rivers) 26 miles north of Middlebury, IN & 80-90 toll road. or (cell-269-567-8279)
Andy Johnson, GOD speed.

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