NC - Mille Fleur, Golden Neck, Porcelain, White Belgian d'Uccle Bantam Hatching Eggs (Frizzle and Smooth)

by Heidi
(Raleigh, NC USA)

Green Grables Farm, Raleigh, North Carolina

We breed to the d'Uccle SOP at Green Grables, concentrating on breed standard, health, and personality. We also have a breeding program to increase the quality of frizzle d'Uccles to more closely approach the standard d'Uccle SOP. Mille fleur and Golden Neck available. Porcelain and White available starting in Spring 2020. Eggs are $70/dozen including shipping ($50 for local pickup in Raleigh, NC).
We do occasionally have birds for sale, but we choose not to ship. Local pickup in North Raleigh, NC is available. NPIP certified, clean, healthy closed farm. Our birds are raised on fermented food, kelp, fresh veggies, probiotics, vitamins, chipped oyster shell, supervised free range, and lots of handling to keep them hearty and happy. We work hard to keep our flock in peak condition - because healthy parents hatch healthy babies!

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