NC - Silver Creek Seramas

by Debbie
(Morganton, North Carolina, USA)

I'm not new to breeding chickens, but I'm fairly new to breeding American Seramas. I have all feather type and colors which come from the top breeders in the United States. At this time I have blue and black pairs or cockerels only. I will have more colors in the near future. I hatch year around and working on several color projects. I only sell my Seramas when they are fully feathered and will not sell them before then. Please feel free to contact me @ for more information and availability.

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Apr 22, 2019
Shipping NEW
by: Anonymous

I can ship but not to California due to the Newcastle outbreak

Apr 22, 2019
Serena chickens NEW
by: Anonymouskim

Do u ship

Apr 05, 2019
female serama NEW
by: lucas

hi my name is Lucas and I am in need of young female seramas smooth feather for my serama rooster.

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