by Riley
(Raymond, NH USA)

Dad, bantam chocolate Orpington

Dad, bantam chocolate Orpington

We do not have any chicks yet, but this is to see if anybody is interested. We can sell you fertilized eggs if you would preFer that. Eggs would be ~$30 a dozen. Chicks would be $5 a peace, but 10 for $40. If you are interested shoot me an email.
Because the gene Is co-dominant, all hens will be brown colored, all roosters will be black/mix color.
All chicks will have one gene of the chocolate. In order to get full chocolate hens/roosters you have to breed together a black female to a black male, you the get brown roosters, and you can breed him to its siblings (pretty weird I know) and whatever chicks come out all brown, that mom is full chocolate. Then you have pure bred chocolate Orpington chickens, with a possible recessive gene for dwarfism.

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