NH - Silkies and Sizzles

by Janet Cupples
(Hooksett, NH)

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Jul 11, 2017
Silkies for sale NEW
by: Tina

Hi there.
Just wondering if you have any silkies for sale. Preferably young hens or pullets. Color doesn't matter.
thank you

Oct 24, 2016
Silky hen NEW
by: jim

Looking for a 4 to 6 month old silky hen we have one now and think she is very lonely any color will do Pelham nh

Jun 24, 2016
Looking for Silkie Pullets NEW
by: Liz

We are looking for Silkie pullets or young hens, small hobbyist with a lovely set up for the birds. Interested in either bantams or larger sized birds.


Jun 15, 2016
White Silkie NEW
by: Sarah

looking for a white silkie hen(lost mine Tuesday)
in NH. Please email me at Sarah.a.bourque@gmail.com

Mar 21, 2016
Female Black Silkie NEW
by: Rosemary

I'm looking for a female black silkie. Please let me know where I may find one.
Thank you!


Dec 14, 2015
by: Anonymous


I wanted to find out if you have any silkies currently for sale. I'm looking for some that are at least a couple months old. You can contact me at mdragonetti05@yahoo.com or 203-817-1883. Thanks!

May 20, 2015
Older baby silkies or adult
by: Kim

Hi I was just wondering if you have any older babies like three months and up for sale adults would be fine as well please contact me at Waltersclan4@aol.com

May 06, 2015
silkie bantums
by: annette

Hello, I live in MA and my family has been interested in silkie bantums for sometime. We have owned chickens for 6 years, and they bring us great joy, as well as fresh yummy, eggs, however, we would like to try a new breed, and understand the silkies have wonderful personalities. Do you have any female chick silkie bantums we could come and pick up? I can be reached at 781-953-2718, we have not had success finding these adorable birds. We would be most grateful, thank you.

Apr 23, 2015
laying hens for sale?
by: nancy


I was wondering if you have any silkie laying pullets for sale...and if so what colors you have.


Apr 19, 2015
Silkies and Sizzles
by: Paul


My name is Paul and I live in Derry, NH. I am very interested in acquiring Silkie and Sizzle chick's. Please call me on my cell phone which is 978-479-1038. You can also email me at djgpjm3@comcast.net. Thank you,


Mar 27, 2015
Silkies Inquiry
by: Erin


I'm interested in if you have and are willing to ship Silkie chics to Ct. I'm looking for shipment April 10th arriving April 11th. I live on a 3 acre meadow and a family of 5 looking to raise a few chickens. My daughters and I have been researching this Silkie breed for over a year now and are anxious to have a flock:))). We LOVE them!!! Unfortunately we seem to have missed a lot of local deadlines in getting available chicks. So I'm not fond of shipping these delicate creatures but am willing to investigate the process. Please understand these Silkies will be part of the family as pets and if they have egg production great:)) I am however interested in a high quality bird and willing to pay for show quality chics. Please let me know if you do this type of sale and have available. Looking for black, white, blue, splash varieties:))


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