NJ - Muscovy ducks for sale

by Dale
(Buena NJ)

One female is 2 years old the other are a little over 1 year old. We are relocating and the ducks will not be able to go with us. Must sell quickly. Email DPR381@aol.com.

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Jul 02, 2021
Muscovy Ducklings NEW
by: Anonymous

Muscovy ducklings fir sale 4 days old. Every color. Lilac, ripple, chocolate, etc. please contact at 8569007052. Locations is NJ

Jan 11, 2021
Muscovy in nj NEW
by: Anonymous

Looking for Muscovy ducklings in nj

Jun 15, 2020
Pekin Ducks For Sale
by: JIN

-Purchased from MyPetChicken
-Born on March 16, 2020
-Laying eggs in Less Than One Month est.
-Egg Productions between 150 to 200
-Extra Large White Eggs
-Friendly, Good For Pets
-Weights between 10-12.5 lbs
-Free Delivery
-$65 ea.

Contact Info.

May 23, 2020
by: Cristian Vintimilla

Hello, I am looking for one female duck. Preferably Pekin. Does not matter the age! Please contact me at +19739032737

May 10, 2020
im looking for a duckling to cure my boredom NEW
by: Anonymous

if anyone has a duckling (any gender) please contact me at (917) 717 8977 or email me @loreleyhoe.lzl@gmail.com must live in hoboken or close enough so I can pick it up.

Apr 25, 2020
Looking for 1 female duck NEW
by: Amanda

Hi I was curious if you have an adult female duck available as a pet. I have a female pekin duck and unfortunately a tragic happened with our 2 other ducks. Last week Thursday a fox came on property during the day which has never helped before and killed our 2 other female ducks 😞 I want to get a companion for Harper, I can tell she’s lonely. She got hurt as well but I took care of her. She’s actually inside my house with me till she is 100 ok. So if you have any female. I’m hoping will get along with her. Thank you

Mar 07, 2020
by: Jin Lu


I am looking to purchase two female ducks as pet, between 3 to 12 month old is preferred. Any breed is considered.

Please call me at (929)213-2560 or send me an email to jlu24@nyit.edu. I would like to hear from any potential seller as soon as possible.

Sincerely in Christ,

Jin Lu

May 14, 2019
Drake NEW
by: Anonymous

I looking to buy one Muscovy male duck one to three months old must be in the south jersey area you contact me at swinf1@comcast.net

Oct 11, 2018
Muscovy ducks for sale NEW
by: Jennifer

I have Muscovy ducks available> Selling males, females, pairs, juveniles, and flock packages.

I have a variety of beautiful colors and patterns, including Silver, Grey, White, Black, Barred, Black/White, Lavender, and Blue.

Adult (Drakes) Males $10
Adult (Hens) Females $20
Adult Pairs $25
Young Males (this year's) $6
Young Females (this year's) $10
Straight Run/un-sexed $6
Starter Duck Flock (5 straight run/un-sexed) $25

I am in KY between Louisville and Nashville, almost directly between the Daniel Boone National Forest and the Shawnee National Forest.

You can contact me through Craigslist.

Sep 28, 2018
I have ducks NEW
by: Ron

I have ducks for sale !!! All Muscovys all different colors and ages !!!!! Give me a call anytime. I’m in newtonville nj will meet somewhere if necessary !!! 609-816-7195 thanks so much !!!

Sep 16, 2018
Need Muscovy female NEW
by: Jen taylor


Do you have any Muscovy females left? I will be in south jersey today and can pick up.


Jen taylor

May 09, 2018
Will purchase both NEW
by: Marc

Do you still have them? Marc.daniels@results.com

Oct 04, 2017
Adult female Muscovy duck wanted NEW
by: Carl Deering

Are you willing to sell just one female Muscovy and how much for one female Muscovy and are you willing to ship her because I am in Fredonia New York. Thank you

Sep 22, 2017
How much NEW
by: Anonymous

How much per duck?

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