NY - Brahma, Cochins and Faverolles

by Lisa
(Oneida NY)

I have some sexable grow out Brahma chicks 8 weeks old (buff and dark) and 4 month old Partridge BBS cockerels.
I will have more chicks and hatching eggs available (taking waiting list).
I have some projects I am working on so various colors may be available. Focus on color and type. Straight run chicks $15 Grown out chicks, $25 pullets, $15 cockerels, $50 POL

I also have Cochins, bantam and large fowl. I am working on projects so various colors of chicks and hatching eggs will be available. Some grow outs occasionally. Focus on color and type. Straight run chicks $15, Grown out chicks $25 pullets $15 cockerels $50 POL

Large fowl Salmon Faverolles. Large body birds with great color. Straight run chicks $15, Grown out chicks 8 weeks $25 pullets $15 cockerels, $40 POL

Call or text 315-280-0107
May meet at upcoming show at NYS fairgrounds.

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