NY - Coturnix Quail Eggs For Eating Crafting & Hatching - Chicks Also

by Jamie
(Dutchess County New York )

Dutchess County New York 12603

We Have An Assortment Of Colored Coturnix That Are Kept Together (Normal Wild-type, Rosetta, Tibetan Tuxedo, Italian, Schofield Silver, Manchurian and English)

These Are NOT Jumbo Sized A & M or James Marie Lines (These Are Just Different Varieties Being Kept Solely For Their Beauty In Addition To Our Muscovy Ducks)

We Have Fertile Hatching Eggs Available For $5.00 Per Dozen

We Have Eggs For Consumption $4.00 Per Dozen

We Have Eggs For Craft Projects $4.00 Per Dozen


Selling Chicks In Groups Of (6) For $20.00 Straight-run (unsexed)


Adult Birds And Chicks Eat Poulin Turkey/Gamebird Starter Crumbles 28% Protein

New York State Agriculture & Markets Law 354 Dictates That Quail Less Than 8 Weeks Old Must Be Sold At A Minimum Of (6) Quail At A Time

E-mail Directly To: ExoticBirdz12601@aol.com


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