NY-NPIP Silkies and showgirls in all kinds of colors and can offer shipping

by Kristal
(Lake Pleasant, NY)

Fish Mountain Farm is located in NY and we offer Silkie chickens in all sorts of colors and ages. If you like showgirl/naked neck silkies, we have a few of those mixed in the flock as well. We even offer DNA sexed juveniles over a month old. Our flock is NPIP certified and we offering shipping any place in the US. Our birds are handled daily and our breeders are from show bloodlines. You can email us at fishmountainfarm@yahoo.com, or text to 518-774-9175 for current sales and questions. Thanks!

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Oct 15, 2018
Best Birds Best Breeder! NEW
by: Wendy

Can't say enough good things about Kristal!
Her Silkies are so healthy, fluffy and clean; and affectionate. It's obvious they are cuddled and handled daily. So many colors to choose from and they have beautiful full crests and cushions.
Her Seramas are super small but hardy and again, SO HEALTHY and friendly!
Talk about personality! How are you living without Seramas? It's important to get birds with not only the beauty and breeding, but the personal care as well; She ships fast and carefully too.
I LOVE these birds!
THANK YOU Krystal! :D

Oct 01, 2018
Silkie roos? NEW
by: Angela

I am looking for 6mos to 1 yr old silkie roos. please let me know if you have any you are willing to ship and your prices, thank you.

Jul 20, 2018
Thanks for inquiring NEW
by: Kristal

Hello, I have a few more left chicks that I could sell the amount you want but they only come is black with the gold leakage. Younger chicks have to be sold in groups of 6 or more and I have a few more colors including partridge and blue paint at this time. Chicks are $15 each. Thank you! Kristal

Jul 19, 2018
Interested NEW
by: Jessica

How much per chick? What is minimum number you would sell? I have fallen in love and am looking for 2 or3 mainly just to be a pet.

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