OH - Bielefelder chicks and hatching eggs

by Benjamin
(Bellefontaine, Ohio, USA)

I am selling Bielefelder chicks and hatching eggs. This is know for it beautiful feather pattern and large size. They are as very gentle. The hens are 7-8 lbs and the roosters are 10-11 lbs.

Trios are $40

Hatching eggs are $50/dozen. Hatching eggs are stored in temperature and humidity controlled conditions. I have had 98%
Fertility on this years hatchings.

Shipping is available for chicks and eggs.

Contact me at bwhite5769@gmail.com or 937-404-5455

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Nov 17, 2019
Bielefelder chicks NEW
by: Armando Salazar

info for Bielefelder trio

Sep 04, 2019
Ben's Bielefelders NEW
by: Dianna

I have bought Bielefelder chicks from Ben 3 times now. And comin back for more. His birds are exceptional! When my Bielefelder Roo died, I called Ben. He shipped me out a gorgeous cockerel that arrived in top shape.
Highly recommend Bens birds.

Sep 28, 2018
Hatching eggs NEW
by: Hannah

Considering these chickens run between $20 and $30 ea. $50 seems reasonable for chickens that are rare in the US, are dual purpose, docile in nature and carry the autosexing capability.

Feb 28, 2018
chicks and hatching eggs NEW
by: Anonymous

$50.00 a dz for hatching eggs is too much,,,,im usda hatchery before

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