OH - Breeder/Shower of Exhibition Silkies

by Callie Boblenz
(LA Rue, Ohio)

WE Are a NPIP farm in rural ohio that breeds/ shows bearded silkies in blue/splash, paint/black, paint/white, and cuckoo/black (we do have a few showgirls). Our birds come from top exhibition breeders in the nation and are all mainly show quality (successfully shown), some are bq with minor flaws. NO dqs are bred into our stock, for more information or pictures of our stock visit www.woodsedgeanimalfarm.com or vist our farm on Facebook (woods edge animal farm) contact woodsedgeanfarm@aol.com for availability
We sell Eggs chicks started pairs and adults on occasion.

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Nov 06, 2018
White silkie NEW
by: Sheila

I am looking for a white silkie for my 12 yr old daughter, she wants one for Christmas! Or her birthday in Jan. I would take a couple as I already have a small flock of my own, I would appreciate any info on silkies for sale as well.
Thank you Sheila B.

Sep 21, 2018
Looking for Silkie hen to love NEW
by: Tina

looking for Silkie / polish / or frizzy hen to give a forever home to - does not need to be show quality
please contact me at tprokes@orrick.com
or txt 304 281 5541


Apr 23, 2018
Looking to purchase Silkies NEW
by: Jeni

I am looking to add 3 silkies i am willing to drive to pick up, and im not picky about the color. Can anyone help??

Aug 22, 2017
Paints NEW
by: Barbara

I'm looking to add some paints to my flock.
Do you have any available?

Thank you.
Barbara from Massachusetts

Aug 17, 2017
White NEW
by: Anonymous

I am in Carroll County 4-h. Is there any chance I could get a trio of white silkies?

Jul 31, 2017
Splash NEW
by: Anonymous

May I have some splash pullets and a cockerel I'm looking to show and keep for 4-h and Ohio state I live in Lebanon Ohio warren county

Jul 19, 2017
ISO Silkie Hens NEW
by: Amber

I'm interested in adding a Silkie hen to my small chicken family. Please email me at 4030.amber@gmail.com

Apr 02, 2017
Looking for Silkies NEW
by: Lindsey

Hello in Ohio looking for a few chicks to add to our flock do you have any for sale?
Also location?


Mar 14, 2017
purchase silkies NEW
by: Anonymous

Good morning. I am interested in purchasing 6 silkies. Do you have any available? I currently have 5 Rhode Island Reds, and want to add to my chicken family!

please respond to

Sep 02, 2016
Silkies to purchase NEW
by: Lauren

I would like to purchase three silkie hens and one silkie rooster. I live in Anderson and could pick them up depending on location. Please email me at laurenhueber@gmail.com

Aug 25, 2016
silkies NEW
by: joe

interested in a couple of show quality silkie roosters and mayby 1 hen please email at (littleman03@netzero.net)

Jul 04, 2016
pair of silkies needed NEW
by: Anonymous

Do you have a Silkie pair for sale? Would like a pair for our county fair.

May 05, 2016
by: anita

looking for silkie showgirl hen?

Apr 08, 2016
l love the silkies been raising them 4 about 6 yrs saw the black an white painted an thought they were exquisite must have some please contact me 16069750931 NEW
by: Melinda Anonymous

Love the silkies they make great pets an will raise any kind of otherf feathered bird egg l have had my to even raise a pheasant so that it would be a pet that's how great a bird they r cannot say enough good things about them my husband and l are retired out of the army and we have a farm in ky and l have been raising the whites 4 about 6 years but l came upon the black/ white painted about 3 weeks ago an l lmmediately fell in love with the breed all over again as u can tell lm very passionate about the silkies and u will be 2 if u ever own one .

Apr 05, 2016
Interested in showgirls and silkies NEW
by: Anonymous

Please contact me moniquesoltis@gmail.com

Apr 03, 2016
Looking for a couple silkies NEW
by: Sue and mark

We just recently started raising chicks and we are loving it!! Although the twelve we already have are being raised mainly for their eggs I would love to incorporate 2 silkies into the family for pets. Could you please email me info on how to purchase them. We live in northwest Ohio in the small town of Wauseon. Mark_wood2@yahoo.com. Thank you, Sue

Mar 28, 2016
Eggs NEW
by: Anonymous

Do you sell eggs? How much and will you ship?

Mar 08, 2016
Looking for a Silkie for a pet NEW
by: Edie

I recently seen a Silkie Chicken on an Animal Planet episode. I have began to research them and would love to get one as a pet. How much do they sell for and where are you located? I live in Sandusky County between Sandusky and Toledo Ohio. my email is: edirnberg@gmail.com Thank you,

Mar 03, 2016
Interested in silkie eggs or chicks
by: Nkygetaway@gmail.com

In Cincy area. Have far are u from here? Can u contact me about pricing? Nkygetaway@gmail.com

Feb 18, 2016
by: danielle

I was waiting to buy a white silkie as a pet for my daughters, Im from chillicothe oh and would love to know if you had one for sale? My email address is dd597511@gmail.com. thanks

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