OR & WA - West Coast Jersey Giants

by Shawna Smith
(Colton, OR)


This is a closed line of Giants. We offer pure blacks from the Jennings Jersey Giants bloodline, as well as blues & splashes from the Shawna Smith bloodline - the foundation flock of which came from Jennings Jersey Giants.

We only hatch a small number of chicks every year. Our four breeding flocks consist of only 5 to 8 females each. Females are pedigree bred to 1 male. Cock birds are only placed with hens during breeding season which generally runs from January to the first part of April each year.

To insure the selection of the absolute best birds, we do not normally breed birds that are less than 1 ½ years old. Breeders are normally hens & cock birds that have seen Champion or Reserve Champion in one or all of the following: American Class, Large Chicken, and Show, as well as a few of their siblings. This combined with our very strict culling practices and careful matching of birds, has shown to result in a more consistent predictable result and uniformity in the line. These practices keep us in what we believe are the best quality bloodline of Jersey Giants producing good layers & roasting birds, great project birds for youth, and consistently winning at shows.

While size is one of our top breeding goals each year, we are also strict about feather quality, wing carriage, underfoot color, width of head, bodies that show width carried from shoulder to hips, type, depth of body, and disposition.

Our Giants get the best care, facilities, feed, and attention that can be provided. Foraging is allowed regularly and in rare instances when it’s not available (ie the rainy season) flakes of good quality alfalfa and grass hay are offered for greens and exercise via foraging. Chicks & young adults are regularly supplemented with grains, wet mash, melon, corn on the cob, garden greens, and organic bread to round out their nutritional needs and to develop a relationship with the handler. Our specially milled feed is offered to them throughout the day.

Our Jersey Giants are given the best in life because good genetics mean nothing if your Giants can’t flourish!

Contact Shawna Smith or Sher Jennings at westcoastjerseygiants@gmail.com

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Jun 09, 2018
Question NEW
by: Bonni

How old is your oldest bird? Aside from those that are culled what is the average age of your roosters AND hens? I am interested in moving up in the quality of my chickens. Our family shows at the local fair each year with our flock of birds that (mostly) have come from commercial hatcheries. Every year we talk of buying one or two show quality chickens, but we have NOT improved our "show stock" for the last 5-6 years of being "chicken hobby-show/egg farmers".

my email all one word... (Send to Bonni @ gmail .com) I put in spaces so that robots don't take the email for spam

I'm in Washington Sate

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