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PA - Serama chicks and hatching eggs

by Alex Lemon
(Gettysburg, PA)



We are having an unusually good hatching rate from our serama hens. We love our birds very much, so they are very well cared for. Selling hatched chicks (2-3 weeks), hatching eggs, or day-old chicks if we can coordinate a date for pickup. I will not ship any live birds at this time, but will ship hatching eggs. We can usually get a dozen in a week's time. I can meet anywhere within a reasonable distance of Gettysburg, PA.

I can send photos of our current chicks if you want.

Our birds range from class A-B. We have 1 frizzle hen, two beautiful roosters, and a handful of other colors. Since they don't necessarily breed true to color (or size), we can't guarantee what color or type the eggs will produce. But we can guarantee that they will be cute and very sweet birds.

Text or Email me if you have questions!

(717) 316-0135

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