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SC - Golden Campines Chicks and Eggs for Sale

by H.R. Payne
(Greenville S.C.)

Beautiful Golden Campines are very rare
on Critical endangered list from Livestock conservancy. These small standard size birds
are very friendly, and talkative to their owners
they are perfect for free range, they are alert to predators, can run fast and fly, their feed/egg ratio is very good, they can feed themselves in summer on seed and bugs laying @ 180 large white eggs a year each, mine have the proper leg color.
Chicks are $10 ea straight run, will sell
6 chicks for $50 to breeder, eggs $25 a dozen
$45 for 2 dozen.
Contact me at:

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Nov 13, 2020
Campine or Braekel
by: Robert Manning

Hello. I have a question for you. I got a few Golden Braekel eggs from a friend. Now I want more
Braekels and can not find them any where. But a weird thing happened
for me. My pair of Braekels laid eggs, I hatched them and some of the
roosters have "Hen Feathering" like the Campine do. I've read that the
two breeds were heavily inter breed in the past. My QUESTION is, "
do your Campines ever get chicks that look like Braekels" ?
If so I want them for new blood to mix with mine. Or maybe you could
help me find Braekels... Thank you. My e-mail is rmanning2662@gmail.com

Feb 13, 2019
Campine eggs NEW
by: Bill


Also interested in Campine eggs. If you could email me at billhabermehl@hotmail.com with any info I would appreciate it greatly!


Jul 22, 2018
Golden campine hatching eggs NEW
by: Martin Jacobs

I am interested in buying hatching eggs. Could you send me some pictures of your parent stock? Many thanks.
Yours truly,
Martin Jacobs, NYC

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