The Chick Whisperer has Assorted Hens and a few Roosters with several different Breedsavailable for sale in Tallahassee Florida

by Suzanne Tucker
(Tallahassee Florida 32317)

Hello chicken lovers!
I currently have for sale at a competitive rate, the following chickens: Golden Sex-links, Buck Eyes, Ameracaunas, Rhode Island Reds, New Hampshire Reds, and a couple more breeds will be added from time to time. The price is $25 a piece for Hens More than 6 IS $22 each and $15 for a rooster.
I selected these breeds for their good looks, temperament, good egg laying qualities, and for dual purpose. They will go fast as I am the only one selling chickens in the Tallahassee Florida area and at a competitive rate. Unless you want to drive to another state to get chickens, that you are not sure that you're going to want to get or keep because it is not what you expected or wanted in a chicken. These eye-catching chickens will steal the show in your yard for years to come! They have good temperaments and I spend a lot of time handling them so they are somewhat friendly and will provide lots of entertainment and many yummy eggs for years to come and are also good for breeding if that is what you are into...

I will update this ad from time to time and will take suggestions on types of breeds and services being offered. Please feel free to call or email me with any questions, to place an order and to get directions here to pick up your chickens @ 850-694-4871 or email at

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