TN - 8 month old Royal Palm Turkeys

by Rochelle McMahan
(Cottage Grove, TN)

This is the dad

This is the dad

We have three males and two females for sale 25$ each. 8 months old, organic, raised by their parents. We live in Cottage Grove, TN #1-731-782-3141 if interested.

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Nov 01, 2021
Royal Palm Turkeys
by: Allan

Looking for a male and female 8 months Organically raised
Central Florida

Jul 14, 2021
Royal Palm Gobbler NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi I am looking for a Royal Palm Gobbler. I am in south Mississippi. Email

Feb 28, 2021
Male Royal Palm Turkey
by: Anonymous


My name is Marcia, I need male Royal Palm Turkey with 8 or 9 months.

Feb 25, 2021
Hens NEW
by: Ashley

Are there any hens available? Located in Hattiesburg, Ms

Feb 06, 2021
Looking for 8 to 9 month old Royal Palm hens.
by: Daniel Harbin

Hello my name is Daniel Harbin and I live in Pisgah, AL ... I am also searching for 8 to 9 month old Royal Palm hens for my tom. He'll be 9 months old the 25th of February. Please let me know if you have any. Would love to buy 2. I'm willing to travel. Thank you so much

Oct 10, 2020
We dont have any right now Sorr! NEW
by: Anonymous

We dont have any royals left! Sorry

Oct 10, 2020
Royal Palm NEW
by: Anonymous

Interested in a Tom and Hen
Can you ship to Naples Fl?

Sep 14, 2020
Shipping cost NEW
by: Anonymous

I am interested in one male, I live in Oregon/Washington, would it be possible to get one male and if yes what would the shipping cost be

Aug 07, 2020
Looking for turkeys NEW
by: Anonymous

was wondering if turkwy available we live about hour away willing to pick up

Jul 31, 2020
Royal Palm NEW
by: Grant

Do you have a tom and a hen? Willing to pay shipping.
You can email me at

Jul 16, 2020
Need hens NEW
by: Edwin

Im from texas and I need 1 or 2 hens a few months old please text me if you hve any available thanks

Jul 11, 2020
by: Becky Prevatte

We need a hen for our tom turkey. We could take 2 if they are 8 months old. Please advise. My phone number is: 9106209272. We are in North Carolina and will pay the shipping. Thanks, Becky

Apr 30, 2020
Tom turkeys NEW
by: Cole

Do u have a Tom and hen or at least a Tom left?

Apr 30, 2020
Tom turkeys NEW
by: Cole

Do u have a Tom and hen or at least a Tom left?

Sep 29, 2019
Thank You
by: Anonymous

Im from North Carolina and im looking for a male turkey thats 6-8months old. I wanted to know if you could ship him to me. Call me @ 910-748-6607 thank you.

Aug 08, 2019
Need a young male NEW
by: Shawn Griffin

I have a 3 month old Jenny bird that needs a companion. Please call me and let me know what I need to do to get one please.
(423) 653-1052.

Aug 04, 2019
Looking for a new boy NEW
by: Laura

Know it’s late but do you have any boys left?

Jul 21, 2019
Royal palm NEW
by: Anonymous

Do you have any of your royal palms left?

Jun 07, 2019
Royal palms NEW
by: Anonymous

I’m interested call or text me at 2709703443

Mar 06, 2019
Royal palms trio
by: Anonymous

Do you ship to casa grande az? 5202382955 feel free to call or text

Feb 16, 2019
8 month old turkey NEW
by: Diana Mcclure

Do you have any Tom Turkeys available if so what breed do you have

Oct 28, 2018
Royal palm turkeys NEW
by: Jeff

I am looking for a young male and female royal palm turkeys. Need them shipped to me in Indiana. If you have available please let me know. Thank you.

Oct 02, 2018
Royal Palm NEW

Looking for male and female Royal palm
Please let me know if any available

Apr 25, 2018
Looking for a pair NEW
by: #1 granddaughter

I'm looking for a pair of royal palms for my grandmother. She absolutely adores these birds!! If you have any available please let me know at

Thanks 😊

Mar 22, 2018
Looking for Hens NEW
by: John

I stumbled upon this site looking for a couple of Royal Palm hens,if you have 2 or 3 to sell contact me TN only,too old for traveling

Nov 24, 2017
Our male Royal Palm lost his girlfriend NEW
by: Anonymous

We have a male Royal Palm, full grown, who lost his girlfriend to another critter in our yard.
We have great security for them as far as living quarters, but she had laid an egg and we didn't know where she was because she changed her nesting spot. We realized one morning that she wasn't there and then we knew she never came in but it was too late.
We have chickens and ducks, but none can take the place to be his close companion. I don't know if you ship but could you let me know if you still have a female and if so would you be interested in shipping her to us.
Thank you,

Oct 19, 2017
Looking for NEW
by: Anonymous

Good Afternoon,
I work at a taxidermy school. We are currently looking for 30 mature tom turkeys for our turkey course. They need to be mature and have the tail feathers nice and in tack. The also need to be whole. We need them around the 1st of January. If this is something you can help us with please email me back at or call me at 608-884-3047

May 21, 2017
Hen needed in Gregory, MI NEW
by: Anonymous


Please contact us if you have a hen to sell.




May 16, 2017
Want a turkey NEW
by: Jennifer

I am interested in getting a turkey from you. My little boys birthday is coming up and he loves these. Would shipping one of them be a possibility? Please contact me at 304-988-2960.


Apr 19, 2017
Royal Palms NEW
by: Rochelle

Were waiting on the new ones to hatch! Should be around the 28th of this month! We will let you know! We sold all the last ones.

Apr 19, 2017
Wanting tom turkey NEW
by: Laurie weber

Please let me know if you still have a tom Turkey left. Text me at 314 805 1197

Apr 19, 2017
Wanting tom turkey NEW
by: Anonymous

Wanting to know if you had a tom Royal Palm Turkey still?

Mar 15, 2017
Royal Palm turkeys NEW
by: Anne

I was wanting to know if you still had these for sale. Please let me know. You can text me at 8285504770. Thank you.

Feb 23, 2017
Royal Palm shipped to Arizona NEW
by: Debbie

Looking for Royal Palm turkeys. Do you still have Toms and Hens

Feb 05, 2017
Royal palm turkeys NEW
by: Tricia

Do you ship to colorado?

Jan 11, 2017
Looking for 2 RP hens NEW
by: Dani Garnett

Do you still have any RP hens? I have two males and they need mates. I live only about an hour from you and would love to buy a couple of hens before spring if you have any.

Call or text: 270-703-4607

Oct 30, 2016
Tom & hens NEW
by: Sheila

I am scared to death of our rooster. Hens are fine but we have a rooster that attacks us. Will a Tom possibly be like this? I read they are non agressive but what about to women & children? Our 13 chickens are free range but go to their coop at night. Can these be as well? Do they get alone w/ chickens?

Oct 15, 2016
Royal Palm female NEW
by: Maggie

I am looking for a Royal Palm female to keep my 5 month old Royal Palm male company. Please e-mail me at

Oct 11, 2016
Wanted Male Royal Palm NEW
by: Shane

Looking to purchase male Royal Palm. Please contact me at 305-407-4558

I'm in Asheville, Va

Oct 02, 2016
Looking for 2 hens NEW
by: Susan

Hi, I am looking for 2 RP hens. Do you ship? Could you please email me with info on availability and possible shipping costs. I live in the western southern tier of New York state, south of Buffalo. Thanks for you time. My email address is


Sep 05, 2016
Need a Palm hen turkey NEW
by: Robbin

I have a 5 mo. Old jake. Half Palm. I need a hen. Yours are the same age as my jake.I only have the one male. Can you email me? mikesgirl1960@aol
thank you.

Aug 14, 2016
5 four month old royal palms NEW
by: rochelle

We have 4 female and 1 four month old royal palms left 25$ each

Jun 13, 2016
Royal palms hatched! NEW
by: Anonymous

Update just letting everyone know so far we had 6 babies hatched out maybe more!

Jun 02, 2016
Turkey eggs NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi everyone I just wanted to update info on Royal Palm turkey eggs ... the first set were not fertile so they never hatched :( The set of eggs shes sitting on now will hatch June 14th hopefully! I will post babies as soon as I can ... Sorry about all the confusion! Thank you,Rochelle

May 27, 2016
Royal Palm Hens NEW
by: Nicki

Do you have any Royal Palm hens for sale?

Apr 27, 2016
turkey eggs NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi I wish the eggs hatched already but she kept laying so its going to be longer! I will let you know when they hatch. sorry

Apr 26, 2016
Royal Palm turkeys NEW
by: Bill

Do you have any Royal Palms for sale? I saw that eggs may have hatched.

Mar 10, 2016
by: Rochelle

Hi Ben I'm sorry we already sold them but shes laying more eggs which should hatch around first part of April.

Mar 10, 2016
royal palm hen NEW
by: ben

Do you still have any Royal Palm hens left I am interested email thanks

Mar 10, 2016
royal palm hen NEW
by: ben

Do you still have any Royal Palm hens left I am interested email thanks

Feb 20, 2016
by: Rochelle

Hi Susan I will let you know when the new ones hatch but its hard to tell whos male and whos female :) will have to figure something out! I will keep in touch,Thanks Rochelle

Feb 14, 2016
Male Royal Palm
by: Susan

Would like to buy one male for a pet
Contact me at 414-759-9093

Nov 08, 2015
Royal palm hen
by: Charlie Parish

Do you still have your royal palm hens for sale I have a male about 9 mo old need a hen or 2 please let me know thks my no is 706 527 1264

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