TN - Yoo Hoo Farm Marans

by Patrick Ledbetter
(Sparta, Tennessee )

We are a small farm located on the Cumberlin Plateau.
We incubate starting in November. We sell juvenile birds and hatching eggs. We ship to the lower 48 states.
Black Copper Marans
Birchen Marans
Blue Copper Marans
Contact me at

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Oct 09, 2017
Best Blue Marans Ever NEW
by: Dennis Johnson - Blairsville, Ga

I met Patrick at the 2016 Anna, Illinois Poultry Show.
I was blessed by Patrick with the opportunity to purchase a foursome from him at that time. I have never had the opportunity to own the quality of birds that Patrick provided to me. The birds are very gentle and easy to work with. Some of the cleanest and quietest breeds that I have owned. The quality of the eggs that they produce in shell structure and Marans coloring is unsurpassed by any I have seen at any show.

I am proud to say that Patrick has agreed to sell me fertile eggs for the November-December 2017 hatching season and I just can't wait to get more of these wonderful birds running around my farm.

Thanks Patrick!!

Jan 19, 2017
For sale NEW
by: Yoo Hoo

We have two quads of French Black Copper Marans breeding age for sale .
$250 per quad .

Thank you , Patrick

Oct 11, 2016
French Marans NEW
by: Anonymous

Great knowledgeable breeder , he has the best French Marans I have ever seen

Sep 09, 2016
Looking for day-old Black Copper Maran chicks (hens) NEW
by: Heather

Hello, I am located in Palo Alto, California and am looking for 2-3 day old chicks (female) to be shipped to me. Heather

Aug 25, 2016
Marans NEW
by: Patrick

We are culling our pens now please contact me to be put on the buyers list .
Thank you , Patrick

Aug 25, 2016
Any Black Marans pullets left? NEW
by: Anonymous

Looking for Black Copper Marans ready to lay. Price? Thanks for your time. Excited to have found you!

Jul 24, 2016
Prices NEW
by: Sue

Can you give me some prices?

Jul 08, 2016
Face book link NEW
by: Patrick

Jul 08, 2016
Always a phone call away NEW
by: Patrick Ledbetter

We are just a call away from your wonderful Marans needs . Thank you ,

May 26, 2016
Sold out NEW
by: Patrick

We are sold out of our blues at this time !

May 20, 2016
Black Copper Marans NEW
by: MechelleRenee

I am looking for a couple of pullets. Your birds are gorgeous. I live in central Florida. Is this possible?

Apr 08, 2016
Shipping NEW
by: Patrick

We now ship eggs internationally ,
The late spring early summer is the time we have juvenile birds for sale .
Please feel free to contact me at 931-247-4747

Mar 14, 2016
To Patrick NEW
by: Gig

Curious about your hatchlings from November.. Where are you located?

Jan 21, 2016
by: Patrick

We are in full swing hatching off black copper Marans . We will have young birds for sale in the spring .

Jan 17, 2016
Yes sir I sell in the spring and fall
by: Patrick

Dec 03, 2015
Black copper marans pullets
by: Scott

Do you have any for sale now?

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