TX- Black, Blue, Splash, and White Ameraucanas

by Ernie Haire
(Arp, Texas)

Blue Male Ameraucana

Blue Male Ameraucana

Blue Male Ameraucana
Black Male Ameraucana
White Male Ameraucana

We are located in Arp, Texas. Arp is located in northeast Texas between Tyler and Henderson on State Highway 64. We breed and show Black, Blue, Splash, and White Ameraucanas. We have had great success showing our birds.

We sell and ship hatching eggs when the hens are laying. We also offer day old chicks in straight run lots and ship them when available. We also ship started birds and deliver to shows that we attend.

For more information and availability, contact us or visit our website at http://marans2xl.com/.

Ernie Haire
Poultry 2XL
Arp, Texas

Comments for TX- Black, Blue, Splash, and White Ameraucanas

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Feb 28, 2018
need hatching eggs NEW
by: Lingfeng Fang

do you have the blue ameraucanas hatching eggs and black copper hatching eggs, please contact me at jiahai8713@hotmail.com, thank you very much.

Dec 02, 2017
Looking for a trio or quad NEW
by: Anonymous

Might you have anything available? Please message me at jasonmdkff@yahoo.com

Jul 18, 2017
Need hatching eggs NEW
by: Trenton

Do you have any hatching bantam eggs for sale my number is 580. -889-0427 if you have any you want to ship

Jul 15, 2017
ISO Black Cock, White Cock, Blue Pullet NEW
by: Angela E.

Do you by chance have a pure Black and/or pure White Ameraucana Cock for sale? Or even a Blue Pullet for that matter? If so can I photos of the ones for sale? Are you part of the NPIP?


Apr 25, 2017
need black ameracauna pullet NEW
by: Anonymous

I need one or two black ameracauna female pullets for a wedding present in the next month - this is posing to be a significant problem - can't find any anywhere. Obviously would be willing to pay way above normal value if anyone has one that they would be willing to part with. If you have or know someone who has one or two black ameracauna pullets - please respond to


thank you

Jan 03, 2017
Ameraucana Pullet NEW
by: Anonymous

Looking for a standard white AMERAUCANA pullet, if you have one PM me at dtbarao04@gmail.com

Dec 01, 2016
Looking for female Amaracaunas NEW
by: Anonymous

I am looking female Amacauna chicks, pullets or laying hens. Pleases contact me if you have some for sale. Looking for some for my three girls. Steven.markham@zoetis.com

Jul 06, 2016
How can I get NEW
by: Anonymous

Cómo puedo conseguir uno de sus gallos ameraucana? Me gustaría un negro o gris.

Jul 01, 2016
hatching eggs? NEW
by: Anonymous

What do you have available right now? I just had a hen hatch 3 out of ten (first broody) interested in getting some more eggs maybe
Joseph H.


May 09, 2016
Chickens NEW
by: Anonymous

I was wondering if you have any chickens that are still available? Feel free to email infamouspistachio@gmail.com

Apr 17, 2016
BBS Ameraucana Rooster NEW
by: Anonymous

Looking for a BBS Ameraucana Rooster. Willing to ship for right one. Need to be NPIP.

Mar 15, 2016
Ameraucanas NEW
by: Anonymous

I would like to buy White or Black Ameraucana hatching eggs or chicks. When or if you have them, please email me at wolf74437443@gmail.com or call 352-245-7240.

Jan 25, 2016
i am wanting to purchase some black,blue,splash,and white ameraucanas
by: Joe

Im looking to purchase grown hens and roosters pairs or trios or started pairs or trios. 254 227 9224 thanks

Dec 03, 2015
White ameraucana pullets
by: Anonymous

I have been searching for true white ameraucana, hatching eggs, pullets, or newly laying hen. If y'all have any available please let me know.

Nov 20, 2015
buying laying Ameraucanas or Araucanas
by: Palmer

Please contact me if you have laying hen for sale Palmer 203 858 8610

Nov 08, 2015
Wanting to purchase some Ameraucanas
by: Melissa Priddy

We would like to purchase 4-5 black, blue, & splash pullets or hens. Do you have any available? We are located on NW side of Houston, but can travel to pick them up.

Thank you,

Melissa 936-577-6260

Oct 02, 2015
by: Gimmie

I'm looking to see if y'all have any ameraucana right now pullets or hatching eggs

Sep 06, 2015
West texas
by: julia humphrey

I am searching for chicks. Let me know when available and I can make the trip. I'm originally from east Texas and visit often. 325.669.6727

Jul 17, 2015
White Ameruacana
by: Anonymous

Hi there,
Im interested in purchasing eggs or chix.
Love love love your birds! Beautyfull!

Thank you

Jul 17, 2015
White Ameruacana
by: Anonymous

Hi there,
Im interested in purchasing eggs or chix.
Love love love your birds! Beautyfull!

Thank you

Apr 29, 2015
by: Jacob

Hello, Wishing the best to all, i am looking for an Amercauna rooster. I have a few hens and am in now in need of a roo. My past roo did his job and lost his life protecting his girls. I am inn Rio Rancho NM thank you and great day,

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