TX - Wheaten and Blue Wheaten Ameraucanas from Show Stock

by Peggy Taylor
(Huntington, Texas 75949)

Large Fowl Blue Wheaten Hen

Large Fowl Blue Wheaten Hen

Large Fowl Blue Wheaten Hen
Large Fowl Wheaten Cock
Bantam Blue Wheaten Hen
Bantam Wheaten Cock

I am located in Huntington, Texas, about 120 miles north of Houston in deep East Texas near the Lufkin area and Sam Rayburn Lake.

I breed and show Wheaten and Blue Wheaten Ameraucanas in both the Large Fowl and Bantams. These birds have done very well for me on the show bench.

I sell and ship hatching eggs for the Large Fowl when the hens are producing. The eggs I sell come from my show pens and are the same eggs I hatch for my show stock. I also ship chicks as day old straight run when they are available and started juveniles when I have them. I do deliver to shows that I attend. I don't have bantam eggs available at this time.

For information or availability you may contact me at peggy0427@gmail.com

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Oct 16, 2018
Looking for bantam ameraucanas to purchase NEW
by: Donnie Brister

Please contact me, I am looking to buy bantams for my children to show for 4H. When will you have some available? donniebrister@bellsouth.net If you don't have available can you refer me to someone?

Oct 06, 2018
hatching eggs NEW
by: Anonymous

When will you have Blue Wheaten Americauna hatching eggs available? We actually have some broody hens right now!!

Thank you,


Jun 19, 2018
dr sherry martin NEW
by: Anonymous

Am interested in bantam wheaten ameraucana juvies sexed as a quad. Thank sherry

Mar 29, 2018
Little red hen house- owner NEW
by: Susan Claeys

Are you selling any of your Wheaten or blue wheaten chicks? I am very interested in buying some of your chicks.
Thank you,
Susan Claeys
262 492 3376

Mar 19, 2018
wheaten ameraucana NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi. Just sent an email looking to purchase wheaten ameraucana hatching eggs or day old chicks if you have them.
Bridget F

Mar 05, 2018
Blue Wheaten Americauna NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi Peggy I just sent you an email in regards to your beautiful birds can you please let me know if you have any available this time.
Thank you


Aug 28, 2017
Seeking Ameraucan bantams/show quality NEW
by: Larry

I would like to purchase bantam chicks if you will have any this year, or started birds as well. Let me know the details, about what you may have available. Thanks!

Jul 14, 2017
Very inerested in blue wheaten NEW
by: June

Im very interested in the blue wheatens. Please contact me for information..

Jun 20, 2017
I'm hoping to see some of your Ameraucanas NEW
by: Pamela

I live close to deridder LA. What is the closest show you do to me? And when is the next one?

Thank you

Nov 14, 2016
ISO Hen/Pullet NEW
by: Carolynn

I am interested in an Ameraucana pullet/young hen for laying eggs.Do you have one that you can ship to Virginia?

May 17, 2016
juveniles NEW
by: V Johnston

I am interested in some juveniles. Do you have any available?

May 09, 2016
Chickens NEW
by: Anonymous

I was wondering if you had anymore chickens that are available? Feel free to email infamouspitachio@gmail.com

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